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About me

Arline Chase is a writer, a wife and mother, and a child of God. She writes "some of everything" from novels (her favorite) to How-tos. cookbooks and federal funding grants. She taught writing for more than 25 years and worked as a publisher for twenty. Now she plans to spend more time on doing the things that give her joy.

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Spirit of Earth
by Arline Chase

Jill Abercrombie, in the throes of her doppleganger-accompanied visions, tugs at our heartstrings as we join her almong the bouts of her scatterplot clairvoyance, a psychic curse which she is desperate to use to help her detective brother, Jack. We feel for Jill as her entire family is less than sympathetic to her plight, and we admire Jack for being the one family member who understands she was born with a "gift" she cannot help. A murder in Baltimore. A volcano in Martinique. What could possibly be the connection?

A Champaigne Life

July 14, 1901

“It’s not the champagne!”� Showgirl Eliza Hammond whirled around and danced down the street, while her escort hurried after her. “I’m alive with power and getting higher by the day. I’ve got ’em right w...

Spirit of Rain: Book 4 of the Spirit Series
by Arline Chase

Empath Jill Abercrombie and her detective brother Jack, now an attorney, become involved with the multiple murder of a Pigtown family when he agrees to act as the accused father's defense attorney. In the ensuing investigation, Jack takes on a seemingly unwinable case, while Jill explores the possibility of romance, and then faces again the nemesis who has been the greatest threat to both her life and her sanity in the past. Can she use her paranormal gift to defeat him once and for all?

Murder in the Night

Murder in the Night

October 19, 1907

Troubled in mind, Fritz Kraftner left Patrick’s Tavern, the oldest Irish pub in the city, and made his way through the sleeping streets of Pigtown, a district named for the livestock that was sometimes herded through the streets from t...


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