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Journalist/freelance writer. I always told myself I'd write a book. So, here I am. If there's typos it's probably my cat.

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Davin Rae     (Tier II Potential Star Author )


Whiskey Nightmare
by Davin Rae

Zoe is your average girl in her twenties, but one night everything changed. A shot of whiskey might mean a good time for some, but for Zoe and those she encounters, it could mean total despair if she's not careful. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

I slowly awoke to a ray of sunlight gleaming through the window piercing my eyelids. I turned over, sheets a mess, trying to shun the light as best I could. My hip hurt, I thought for a moment. After I was settled I noticed it was still light, the sun still beating down into the room.

Funny, usually when I’m facing this side of my bedroom my bleak walls are a delight. I groggily began to open my eyes, curious as to why so much light was around me. 

I felt a surge of pain shoot up t...

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