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Whiskey Nightmare
by Davin Rae

Zoe is your average girl in her twenties, but one night everything changed. A shot of whiskey might mean a good time for some, but for Zoe and those she encounters, it could mean total despair if she's not careful. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

I slowly awoke to a ray of sunlight gleaming through the window piercing my eyelids. I turned over, sheets a mess, trying to shun the light as best I could. My hip hurt, I thought for a moment. After I was settled I noticed it was still light, the sun still beating down into the room.

Funny, usually when I’m facing this side of my bedroom my bleak walls are a delight. I groggily began to open my eyes, curious as to why so much light was around me. 

I felt a surge of pain shoot up t...

Chapter 2

My taxi driver must’ve honked the horn an excruciatingly obnoxious amount on the way home, but I was feeling generous and threw him a hundred as I stepped out onto the sidewalk. I shut the door, my oversized T-shirt almost getting stuck. Luckily, my reflexes grabbed it and prevented me from almost being dragged down the streets of New York.

I reached inside my bag for my key while I was heading up the stairs to my loft apartment. It sounds fancy, but in reality it was the cheapest one I could...

Chapter 3

Laila was still talking on the other end of the line and I found myself “mhm”-ing her to death. She didn’t seem to notice and before I knew it Trevor was calling and she was hanging up.

I gently put my phone down on my bed. I placed my fingers over top of it as if I was calling for secrets to come out. I zoned out thinking of the differences between Laila and I. She was my best friend who took a risk and moved across country. I was a mediocre journalist trying to make it in a sea ...

Chapter 4

It felt 10 degrees warmer in the bar as I came out of the rest room. Several ladies passed me on my way out wearing sweaters. How on earth are they not sweating? I thought.

I headed over to the bar, taking off my pullover and running my hand through my new, black hair, pulling it to one side. My new locks were much longer than I was used to.

“I’ll take a beer,” I called to the bartender.

I grabbed my bottle, left a two dollar tip with my cardigan in hand and began walk...

Chapter 5

I was startled by the loud vibration of my phone on the snack table. I quickly picked it up.

“One new message”

Sliding my finger across my screen I clicked on the messages app. My heart stopped. It read: Matt. “Hey, sorry I missed you this morning. Hope you slept well.”

I placed my phone on my lap and looked up in disbelief. I guess we must’ve exchanged numbers last night before he put me to sleep in his room. I vaguely remember stumbling around while some ...

Chapter 6

Everything felt different tonight. The energy in the car was a bit more tense and we were heading into a nice development versus the area with dilapidated homes all around that we hit Saturday night. I was impressed by the neighborhood. Grass was actually green and no metal fences marked off territories. “Are we in the right place?” I asked.

“Yeah, we’re here.” Matt said as he pulled over to the side of the road. “It’s that house right there. Stay here, I&r...

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