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Two years ago I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. My life changed because of illness, and I found regardless of the disease I was able to write, even if was with one finger at a time. PEACE

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Mary Judge-Hubard     (Tier II Rising Star Author )


The Third Dimension: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
by Mary Judge-Hubard

Two infant girls were separated from their Mothers at birth. One of the babies has magical powers that are said to save the planet in an ancient prophecy. Earth is the first planet to be developed by a group of scientist who belong to the most powerful Army in the world. Will the magical twin fulfill her destiny and save Earth from total destruction? "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

The Third Dimension

I turn as the night nurse enters the room. She stops at Catarina's bedside. She holds in her hand a needle and a vile. She performs her duty with the grace of a Russian ballerina. Sticking the syringe in the vile of medicine and shooting it into Grandmothers arm. The nurse looks up, her green eyes filled with compassion. “I gave her Morphine, it will help her relax.”

 I think the nurse is trying to b...

The Discovery: Dedcated to my Grandson Hudson Bond
by Mary Judge-Hubard

A Christmas adventure story Part One "Sounds interesting!"

No chapters posted yet.

The Cat's Lair
by Mary Judge-Hubard

The Queen of the witches must find and destroy an evil sorceress and her army of killer zombies, in order to save the world from total destruction. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 2- (Revised)
Plane Ride

The Airplane rides

  Margo hands the air hostess both plane tickets. Cleo sits quietly next to the window seat in first class. Margo looks around the airplane cabin. No witches here. It has been only six hours since Cleo had been awakened. Her energy force had clearly not been deciphered yet? The airplane glides down the tarmac and takes off the end of the air strip.

  Cleo wakes up refreshed. For the first time in at least twenty years her legs felt strong, in fact, ...

Stage 4 - A Personal Journey: Living Life to the Fullest With Terminal Cancer
by Mary Judge-Hubard

I sat in the doctors office with my Mom and Dad. We had finished what was supposed to be a twenty minute MRI. This one lasted two hours. We knew the news was not good, but when the doctor told me I had "cancer". All the pain I have been having made sense. The diagnosis felt like a "Scarlet Letter." Now we could get down to business. I turned to my doctor, "Doc, how are we gonna fight this! This is when my journey began "How do I Live life to the fullest with Terminal Cancer?" "Sounds interesting!"

Living Life to the Fullest With Terminal Cancer

My name is Mary Judge-Hubard. I live in a coastal town of Virginia. I am married to a terrific man. I am blessed with two sons, a fantastic daughter-In law, and one Grandson that is the apple of my life. Two years ago, my life changed, and it will never go back to normal. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung cancer that mediatized down my spine and into the bone surrounding my femur. Now there is no cure for my cancer. I will keep fighting the cancer.

   I ...

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