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About me

I always told myself I was going to write a book. If there's any typos, i'ts probably my cat.

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Davin Rae (Tier II Newcomer Author )


Whiskey Nightmare
by Davin Rae

26-year-old Zoe discovers a shot of whiskey changes her persona. She uses it to her advantage, transforming herself into an outgoing woman who gets involved in an exciting world, leaving her mediocre one behind. However, she soon discovers she's not controlling her transformation, and she's at the mercy of the ever-powerful group called The Changers. Members are using her to fulfill their greed, controlling her thoughts and her moves. She must fight The Changers to save what little of her true self is left, or risk losing herself forever.

Chapter 1

I slowly awoke to a ray of sunlight gleaming through the window piercing my eyelids. I turned over, sheets a mess, trying to shun the light as best I could. My hip hurt, I thought for a moment. After I was settled I noticed it was still light, the sun still beating ...


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