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Whiskey Nightmare
by Davin Rae

26-year-old Zoe discovers a shot of whiskey changes her persona. She uses it to her advantage, transforming herself into her alter. However, she soon discovers she's not controlling her transformation, and she's at the mercy of an ever powerful group. Members are using her to fulfill their greed, controlling her thoughts and her moves. Will she succumb to the powerful or fight her way out? "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

I slowly awoke to a ray of sunlight gleaming through the window piercing my eyelids. I turned over, sheets a mess, trying to shun the light as best I could. My hip hurt, I thought for a moment. After I was settled I noticed it was still light, the sun still beating ...

Chapter 2

My taxi driver must’ve honked the horn an excruciatingly obnoxious amount on the way home, but I was feeling generous and threw him a hundred as I stepped out onto the sidewalk. I shut the door, my oversized T-shirt almost getting stuck. Luckily, my reflexes g...

Chapter 3

Laila was still talking on the other end of the line and I found myself “mhm”-ing her to death. She didn’t seem to notice and before I knew it Trevor was calling and she was hanging up.

I gently put my phone down on my bed. I placed my finger...

Chapter 4

It felt 10 degrees warmer in the bar as I came out of the rest room. Several ladies passed me on my way out wearing sweaters. How on earth are they not sweating? I thought as I took my gray cardigan off.

I graced my hand over my high cheekbones and plump lips...

Chapter 5

I was startled by the loud vibration of my phone on the snack table. I quickly picked it up.

“One new message”

Sliding my finger across my screen I clicked on the messages app. My heart stopped. It read:

Matt: “Hey, sorry I misse...

Chapter 6

Soon I found myself at Rockaway. It was a small bar, easy to miss if you weren’t a local or weren’t searching for it in particular. I walked in and found a seat. The smell of smoke hit my nostrils and the hazy air was all around. I didn’t smoke, bu...

Chapter 7

I left Matt’s apartment about an hour before my persona wore off. The subway got me home just in time for me to transition. They became easier now after years of practice. As I finished walking up the last staircase to my floor I saw Josh fumbling with his key...

Chapter 8

I left work early since I wasn’t getting anywhere with my story. No one would talk and it seemed like a dead end. Luckily for me, Grace gave me an extension as she realized it takes a bit more investigating to create a good story. There were some days I liked ...

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