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About me

I'm an artist and author in the north of San Diego County, CA. My interests include dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, ancient history, and strong and sexy heroines.

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Historical Fiction
Oja of Ori Zam: A Novel of 100,000 years ago
by Brandon Pilcher

It is 100,000 years ago in eastern Africa, and a young Homo sapiens woman named Oja has found herself stripped of her status as heir to her native village's chieftainship---and through no fault but her own. She seeks a new life elsewhere in the harsh environment that early humanity calls home, leaving her jealous and vindictive brother to seize control of their village. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

Eastern Africa, 100,000 years ago

 The sun broiled with ruthless intensity over the yellow plains. A herd of ten gazelle huddled by a waterhole beneath the shade of flat-topped acacia trees, drinking and dipping their faces into the water for relief. As they cooled the...

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