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About me

I think I'm what people refer to as a "late bloomer". I completed my Masters in Acting at 45, worked as a professional actress for a short time (under a stage name), before switching my attention to writing. Currently writing my first novel, I'm also working on a creativity book, a social commentary on choosing to be single in mid-life and have a digital scrapbook of countless projects I'm keen to work into books, plays or screen plays.

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Tabitha Bennedict-Downes (Potential Star Author )


Chick Lit
All at Sea Working Title!)
by Tabitha Bennedict-Downes

One woman’s journey from almost settling for ‘good enough’ to rediscovering her lost sense of adventure and falling in love with her own life again. (Please note that the chapter being posted are "patchwork" style and not necessarily sequential, not are they the start of the book, which is well underway.)

Untitled 06.03.17 (Part Chapter)

“How’re you holding up?” Tina asked, “And I’m so sorry it’s taken over a week to make contact, it’s all been a bit nuts here.”
There had been an initial flurry of indignant emails when Lucy had told Tina about Har...


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