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Chick Lit
All at Sea Working Title!)
by Tabitha Bennedict-Downes

One woman’s journey from almost settling for ‘good enough’ to rediscovering her lost sense of adventure and falling in love with her own life again. (Please note that the chapter being posted are "patchwork" style and not necessarily sequential, not are they the start of the book, which is well underway.) "Sounds interesting!"

Untitled 06.03.17 (Part Chapter)

“How’re you holding up?” Tina asked, “And I’m so sorry it’s taken over a week to make contact, it’s all been a bit nuts here.”
There had been an initial flurry of indignant emails when Lucy had told Tina about Har...

Untitled 06.03.17 (Part Chapter)

On Sunday morning, Lucy had woken before Dan and she had lain on her side watching him, mesmerised once again, by his long, dark eyelashes, that fluttered lightly as he slept, a faint purr of breath escaping his partially open lips. She felt a pang of sadness, knowi...

Untitled 07.03.17

When Lucy finally awoke on the Sunday morning, the sun was bright through the cabin porthole. Rolling over to check the time, she noticed a text message from Tim, which had been sent at 1.30 am. It read: “Check your email. Sorry. Tim x”. Virginia was sti...

Untitled 12.03.17 - w/c 25.06.12

The following week seemed interminable. Each morning, Lucy would dress in her dock walking uniform, scrape her hair back into a neat ponytail, apply subtle make up, leave the crew house and head to Port Vauban or the station to head along the coast to other ports, ...

Untitled 12.03.17
Job Offer

“Where did you say you were, Looby?” Lucy could imagine her Dad’s brow furrowing as he tried to imagine her location.
“Grasse.” She repeated. “About 25 kilometres inland from Cannes.”
“What’s that in miles?...

Joining the new yacht

It was, as Claudia predicted, a long journey from Antibes to La Spezia on the Tuesday, the Italian trains crammed with holiday makers, over-excited children and over-stuffed luggage obstructing the aisles, where there was standing-room only. That morning, Lucy ...

Chapter 1

Taking care not to wake Harry, Lucy slipped out of bed and into the bathroom, locking the door quietly behind her. The pale dawn filtered through the small window, turning everything shadowy and a soft grey. Without turning on the overhead light, she felt in the bac...

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