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from All at Sea Working Title!) by Tabitha Bennedict-Downes

Untitled 06.03.17 (Part Chapter)

“How’re you holding up?” Tina asked, “And I’m so sorry it’s taken over a week to make contact, it’s all been a bit nuts here.”
There had been an initial flurry of indignant emails when Lucy had told Tina about Harry and Juliette, Tina responding with:

“I wondered why she was avoiding me. Now I know why.”

Being on charter, they hadn’t been able to arrange a call and on her return to Antibes Lucy had sent another email:

“Dumped and now fired. WTF? Back in Antibes and really need to talk. Skype soon?L x”

It had taken another eight days of backwards and forwards before they had finally connected.

“Up and down.” Replied Lucy, then laughed. “Actually on Saturday there was a lot of up and down.”

“Oooh, ...

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