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I'm Bexx. I write a bit - The Girl with White Hair currently on hiatus until I become more knowledgeable. ^^ 🌼 I'm not here to build a full-time career or anything, just to write when I can.

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Bexx Matthews     (Tier II Rising Star Author )


Young Adult
Dandelion☆Fable: ~ make a wish ~
by Bexx Matthews

Fable Green, freshly graduated from high school, finds herself kicked out and robbed of her university dream. In need of a new home, her realtor agent directs her to apartment 221 where it is suggested she live with two other young women. Surrounded by drama and desperate to find connections with others, can Fable make friends and forge a path that leads to her music dream? "Sounds interesting!"

No chapters posted yet.

Young Adult
白髪の少女 | The Girl with White Hair
by Bexx Matthews

During the day, blood-relatives of the Shiraga family may appear to just be ordinary hunters, but under the moonlight, they become white-haired warriors; a beacon of hope and protectors of those under their care. 17-year-old Tsukiko is the youngest of the current Shiraga generation. Perceptive, gentle-natured and dedicated to family, she is the very image of what a protector she be. But when her clan is attacked and thrown into disarray, Tsukiko suddenly becomes taken with the idea of revenge against the Emperor. A life for a life. And he took many lives that night... "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1: On the Mountain

The mountain was quiet that night.

Tsukiko had always been sensitive to her surroundings, the prickle of a colder wind that meant winter was on the way or the aroma of the first tiger lily blooming in the summer. Tonight felt the same. It wasn't uncommon for t...

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