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I am a hobby novice writer from Hungary. I have only been writing for a few years, but I know I still have a long road ahead of me

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tomka151     (Tier II Rising Star Author )

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Gates of Ardion
by tomka151

Playing a video game is fun, but what happens if it becomes a reality? In a world where you have the power of a player, what could you do; what WOULD you do? Would you try to save the world? Destroy it? Or just have fun? Or, perhaps, something else? "Sounds interesting!"


A young girl, barely even sixteen years old, stood around a pile of bodies on a battlefield. The girl's glimmering mystical enchanted armour was painted with blood, just like her beautiful long golden hair, which stuck to her armour from a large amount of blood. She had a beautiful glowing face, which was complemented by a choker around her neck. The collar seemed to be a tight fit as it caused slight redness and rashes around it. Painted by the essence of her fallen comrades and her enemies, she was utt...

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