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Had a number of short stories published in the Small Press and online. I've completed three novels, but never got them sold, though I marketed the hell out of them. Currently finishing my fantasy novel.

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Linda James     (Tier III Newcomer Author )


The Way
by Linda James

Follow the trials of Zeke, former hippie and now wizard-in-training, from his comfortable, if lonely, home in 1970 Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco to the strange world of The Wold, a magical place full of power and monsters. His mistress, 7th Level Wizard Bruhana, needs his hidden power to defeat the powerful Xanthipi from destroying her world. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1


Zeke had just opened and was wiping down the counter when the doorbell tinkled and he looked up, then down into the face of a dried apple doll, with wild Janis Joplin hair that flowed around her head like an aura. She wore a lavishly embroidered peasant blouse and multicolored long s...

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