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The Way
by Linda James

Follow the trials of Zeke, former hippie and now wizard-in-training, from his comfortable, if lonely, home in 1970 Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco to the strange world of The Wold, a magical place full of power and monsters. His mistress, 7th Level Wizard Bruhana, needs his hidden power to defeat the powerful Xanthipi from destroying her world. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1


Zeke had just opened and was wiping down the counter when the doorbell tinkled and he looked up, then down into the face of a dried apple doll, with wild Janis Joplin hair that flowed around her head like an aura. She wore a lavishly embroidered peasant blouse and multicolored long s...

Chapter 2


The damnable monster died! Died! The embers of anger she felt at the discomfort of her ride ignited. “If not for my superior skill, I would have died,” she considered as she seethed. She looked about her and could see nothing but sand dunes and more sand dunes i...

Chapter 3

The lumes were interesting. Shaped like a tiger, they were green with black stripes. Zeke had discovered the large muscular animals were docile and loved to be scratched behind the ears. They were apparently excellent dray animals, for it seemed most of the villager...

Chapter 4

Zeke woke with an agonizing shock from the sudden pounding of a fist upon the door. Zeke found himself leaning against said door. He pulled it open. “Mayor?”

“Where is your mistress?” He asked looking around in a panic.

Bru c...

Chapter 5

They reached the town of Gretzgig and Bru found it had changed since she last was here. A crude wall had been erected and a stout wooden gate stood guarded by two sentries posted on a small platform. One of these called to them as they approached.


Chapter 6

“Where the hell have you been?” screeched Xanthipi, ruler of the Dark City of Khazban and soon- to-be-ruler of the Wold. The evil Xanthipi, the only wizard of the 9th Level, though no one knew but her. Now, with the arrival of her skilled tyro, she could...

Chapter 7

They were a week out of the village and had reached the outer borders of Gramnul District. “Now we turn west,” she said as she pointed out the border. Zeke looked in that direction where he could see a large riparian forest, dark and foreboding, and hill...

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