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I studied Creative Writing at St. Andrews University in Laurinburg, NC for three years, but then left for a promising career in food service because college and bourbon are expensive. I've been writing fantasy since I discovered it in seventh grade.

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Justin Thoby     (Tier IV Potential Star Author )


Progenies of the Great Apocalypse
by Justin Thoby

The world is freezing. Once idyllic Elistar is cast into war and endless winter. Old kings and new are forced to put the bloodfeuds of the past behind them for the survival of all. And high above, an evil beyond time stirs. "Sounds interesting!"

Prologue: Sleeping Stars

The road was composed of ribbons of starlight. It rose up away from the world into the vast emptiness beyond, ancient as the distant suns that cast it, winding out of sight in every direction through the darkness. The horse raced across the plane of the star system, sure of its direction, heading outward, away from the warmth and the light. There was only a single world in this system worth mentioning. Further out were dead worlds, small and frozen and dark, hidden from the sun's blessed light by...

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