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I finally figured out writing, not accounting was my passion. I dove into my first Nano, and have 3 under my belt so lots of unfinished work with three novels, a children's book and a memoir. I also have a blog and a website to keep fed.

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Sheri Levenstein     (Tier II Rising Star Author )


Sasha's Journey: Book One of the Transition Series
by Sheri Conaway

All her life, Sasha had been part of a close-knit community. So why did her parents suddenly uproot her to move to the middle of the desert where they were unwanted outsiders? Why did the locals hate her on sight? And what was going on at the mine outside of town? The answers seemed to lie with a very bossy, telepathic Tabby. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

The blazing desert sun offended Sasha with its efforts to raise her mood above abject misery. The voices in her head had been getting louder, but each carried the same hostile message: “Go back where you came from, Girl. You and your family aren’t welcome here.”

Sasha trudged blindly along the now-familiar sidewalk towards the white and yellow clapboard house which was nearly as forlorn as Sasha, surrounded only by Joshua trees and hard-packed sand on the outskirts of town. She ...

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