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Tom Mohler is an author of fiction who tends to produce amalgamations of transgressive, horror, satire, and weird. He resides in Northeast Ohio with his wife, daughter, and their three cats. His hobbies include: beer.

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Tom Mohler     (Tier II Potential Star Author )


by Tom Mohler

Wyatt Holloway is an alcoholic suffering from severe insomnia, rapidly descending into madness. He’s on the wrong side of thirty and finding it increasingly difficult to deal with the monotony of the self-obsessed world around him. That is, until he meets Victor— a seemingly omniscient voice of wisdom who promises that together the two of them can change everything. Enticed by the offer made by his intriguing new friend, Wyatt is catapulted into a frenzied odyssey of hazy realities and illicit behavior, hoping that he may once again feel alive and in control of his own existence. "Sounds interesting!"

3 A.M. at Home

I haven’t slept for days, or maybe it’s been weeks. Hell, I’m not even sure anymore. I’ve been popping Ambien from the unmarked pill bottle sitting on the table next to me like it was my job, washing them down with a bottle of Davy Crockett brand whiskey. It’s a very strict regimen, but here I am still awake— unable to even black out drunk and on drugs.

I can only assume my insomnia is some sort of stress induced ailment. Money has been pretty tight lately and th...

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