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...bitch meets boy
by Ruth Virgo

Matt's just moved into town, bringing several problems with him... Cas is the girl with the Insta-perfect life. No problems, that is, until you meet her parents... (which you won't - cause they're never around) She's the popular girl and he's the Bible Basher but somehow they meet and talk and do more than talk : ) Why is it that every time things seem to be going right, it all turns sour? "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1

Grab them!” “Run!” “Quick!” Last minute instructions echoed all around the underpass but Matthew Clayton didn’t need to be told as he grabbed the most valuable spray cans and dived into the nearest alley. Matthew watched as the lo...

Chapter 2

Cassandra shimmied up the tall peach tree in her back garden and swung into her room via the window that she hadn’t once (not since her first rebellious act) kept closed. Pulling the contents of her coat’s pockets out and emptying them onto her bed she w...

Chapter 3

The girl who’d approached him at the bus stop sat down next to Matt but didn’t make eye contact for half the journey (which must have been hard for her given the numerous times she bumped into him because of the ups and downs of the bus as it travelled a...

Chapter 4

Cas felt a sigh of relief surge up from within her as she pointed Matt in the direction of Mrs Grey’s office and set off for her form room.

As Cas walked down the corridor she could hear people whispering and staring at her. Cas had always been quite a, ...

Chapter 5

Matt followed Cas’s gaze to the table diagonally in front of her and saw a boy make a heart with his hands, he wasn’t smiling as he cracked his hands apart and Matt saw how Cas leant her head on her desk and hit her head over and over again.

When C...

Chapter 6

Worst. Day. Ever. Cas could see Matt out of the corner of her eye, he had stopped in his tracks and was looking at the commotion Karl was causing. She saw how he looked away, the way he hesitated before continuing to walk. She couldn’t help but think that Matt...

Chapter 7

Sitting down behind Cas, Matt kept thinking back to the night before when a he saw the redhead in the alley. Cas’s beautiful hair swayed when it caught a draft from the window, the girl in the alley’s long hair was red as well. Could it have been her tha...

Chapter 8
Cas & Matt

Well, what do you think?”

“It’s-” Cas could see Matt searching though all his adjectives to find the perfect one to describe her room. “-better than mine,” Matt smiled, “Even though it’s just a little bit too pin...

Chapter 9

Walking side-by-side along the narrow pavement lined with hedges, Cas was suddenly self-conscious, what am I doing with this weird new boy? What’ll my friends think, that I’ve ditched them for this loser? She made up her mind. Something must be done.


Chapter 10

From what Matt had heard of Cas’s mum, she wouldn’t waste her working hours calling her daughter when Brittany could just as well do it. Matt was suspicious, he noticed that Cas had been deep in thought, the whole journey into town. Also, Cas had just pu...

Chapter 11

Matt knows way to much about me, he thinks that he can freely yell at me and treats me as if I am a cold hearted, emotionless piece of shit. Cas had felt the urge to cry just to spite him but hadn’t been able to fake-cry that fast, especially not so that Matt would notice - he didn...

Chapter 12

Ahhh...” Matt heard scrambling from the front garden and saw a flash of neon pink and flowing red hair.

“No... Just no...” Matt could see Cas going around the school gossiping about his “house”. He lay face down on his bed and sta...

Chapter 13

Dinner was spaghetti meatballs and Cas had to put up with Nicole’s teasing for the entire meal.

“Hey Cas, you should have invited that new boy over for dinner. You could share a spaghetti string together.” Nicole acted it out. Cas had had ple...

Chapter 14

Rise and shine Matt! It’s another glorious day!” Matt heard his Mum sing out through the thin walls of his house. In his head he was thinking the exact opposite (I don’t wanna wake up... It’s another horrible day...)

Get up, he did howe...

Chapter 15

Cas watched Matt as the bus drove off, they locked eyes and she smiled. Matt refused to do so and waved solemnly.

“You really do fancy him don’t you?”

“No,” Cas shook her head as she turned to face her sisters, “I like...

Chapter 16

As soon as Cas was out of sight, Matt fumbled around in his bag loudly. “Driver! Can you stop just a sec. I left my text book in my locker and I’ve got homework tonight. Just let me out here and I’ll make my own way back.”

The bus stopp...

Chapter 17
Matt & cas

Hey Matt,” it was Cas.

“Oh, hi! I didn’t see you there.”

Yeah right. “What are you doing here?”

Trying not to get found out, he innocently replied, “I was going to look for a canvas.”

Cas though...

Chapter 18

You should come over for dinner. Brittany, our supervisor lady, knows all about you from Nicole.” Matt was curious, Why had Nicole had been talking about him?

“Can we just drop by my house for me to tell my parents?”

“Can’t ...

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