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from ...bitch meets boy by Ruth Virgo

Chapter 5

Matt followed Cas’s gaze to the table diagonally in front of her and saw a boy make a heart with his hands, he wasn’t smiling as he cracked his hands apart and Matt saw how Cas leant her head on her desk and hit her head over and over again.

When Cas stood up to go to her next lesson, only Matt realized the wet patch she had left where her head had been and the faint streak of mascara running down her cheek. He followed her out into the corridor and lost sight of her in the sea of people, then he caught the sight of her long locks before disappearing into the girls’ toilets to neaten up her mascara or sit crying in one of the cubicles. Knowing that he would be late for his lesson, geography, if he waited for Cas and he was pretty sure she wouldn’t be very happy to see him when she came out, Matt left and set off for the humanities block, a modern two storey building with a sloping, tiled roof.

Sitting through the whole of geography and maths, Matt couldn’t help but think Cas’s boyfriend was a b...

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