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from ...bitch meets boy by Ruth Virgo

Chapter 16

As soon as Cas was out of sight, Matt fumbled around in his bag loudly. “Driver! Can you stop just a sec. I left my text book in my locker and I’ve got homework tonight. Just let me out here and I’ll make my own way back.”

The bus stopped and Matt hurried off it, ignoring the glares from his classmates. Entering through the school gates, Matt was careful not to be seen. Cas and her sisters were walking to the back entrance, the year 7, talking to her. Following in hot pursuit, Matt couldn't hear what they were saying and crept up closer behind them.

Finally, he heard as her voice began to be carried to him on the wind, “Matt is a really nice guy. Okay, now it sounds like I’m playing matchmaker. Just listen, he’s coming, okay?”

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