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from ...bitch meets boy by Ruth Virgo

Chapter 17
Matt & cas

Hey Matt,” it was Cas.

“Oh, hi! I didn’t see you there.”

Yeah right. “What are you doing here?”

Trying not to get found out, he innocently replied, “I was going to look for a canvas.”

Cas thought for a second, “Mind if I come with you?”

“I guess.” Matt tried to suppress his glee, it would be awkward if Cas said that he could go buy it on his own as he didn’t have the money, maybe she knew that.

“Hey Eva, go get Ally. You can start trying to find the stuff on our list, I’ll see you lot in Tesco.” Eva gave Matt and up and down and walked off. “Ok then Matt. Let’s go to Hobby Craft, they’ve got a large range of canvas sizes and I want to stock up on paint as well.”

In the shop, Matt only gave one word answers, something completely different seemed to be on his mind. Fifteen minutes since they’d met, Cas started to get fed up.

“Just say whatever’s on your mind and get over with it! Please...” She sighed.

“What? Nothing’s on my mind.” Matt was avoiding her eyes.

“How much did you hear?”

“Of what?”

“Of my family’s private conversation, you dummy.”

He didn’t know what to say, “All of it?”

“Y-you can’t have, y-you were on the bus.” Cas was worried, how much had he heard?

“You were saying something about me being a nice boy.”

Cas was devastated, he knew, he knew she liked him, she had to do something to confuse him, “Matt? You? I was talking about this boy who lives near my Grandparents, I met him in the holidays when I was staying with my Gran. He’s so sweet, I wanted to invite him to my Gran’s birthday.” Cas wasn’t sure that would fool Matt but she hoped so.

Matt himself, highly doubted this was true but decided not to say so. Cas just wasn’t the sort of person to be talking about elderly women’s birthdays so animatedly.


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