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from ...bitch meets boy by Ruth Virgo

Chapter 3

The girl who’d approached him at the bus stop sat down next to Matt but didn’t make eye contact for half the journey (which must have been hard for her given the numerous times she bumped into him because of the ups and downs of the bus as it travelled along the pot-holed road and frequently squealed to a stop to let more teenagers on). There were times when Matt thought of something to say but the bus turned a sharp corner and they were forgotten. Finally, frustrated at the excruciating silence, he blurted, “I don’t suppose you can show me around the school, after-all we will see quite a bit of each-other because we’re getting the same bus.”

“I might have to get to the bus stop late every day in that case. Plus, there are plenty of boys who could show you around, maybe even a few creepy girls would want to show you around.”

“Would you be one of those girls?”

“Maybe. Not.”

Great! St...

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