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from ...bitch meets boy by Ruth Virgo

Chapter 18

You should come over for dinner. Brittany, our supervisor lady, knows all about you from Nicole.” Matt was curious, Why had Nicole had been talking about him?

“Can we just drop by my house for me to tell my parents?”

“Can’t you just ring them?”

“Uh...” Matt was frozen, he couldn’t let Cas know his family only had one phone that his Dad kept strictly for emergencies. “My parents prefer me to tell them face to face. Anyway, it’s practically on the way to your house, or at least it must be because I saw you run past yesterday, you were screaming.”

Cas looked unsure, but dutifully smiled, “Lets not get into that Matt. Girls, we’ll take the long way through the park and then we’ll meet you at the end of Gibson Drive.”

“Isn’t that the road with the haunted house on it?” Ally, unknowingly asked.

“Yes, I think it might be.” Matt saw Cas glance at him as she said this. So that was what the neighbourhood called it.

“I’ll see you soon then Matt, I hope your parents won’t mind.”

“Nah, it should be fine with them.” Matt knew this wasn’t true, he would have to invent a cover story or else he could forget about eating dinner with the girls.

Hi Mum. I’ve just been hanging out with this guy called Ronald, he’s invited me round for dinner to work on our geography project together. Can I go?” Matt knew he had to keep...

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