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from ...bitch meets boy by Ruth Virgo

Chapter 4

Cas felt a sigh of relief surge up from within her as she pointed Matt in the direction of Mrs Grey’s office and set off for her form room.

As Cas walked down the corridor she could hear people whispering and staring at her. Cas had always been quite a, let’s say, character at Tumblewood Secondary School. Her form went from loud to ear-bursting as she came in and tons of girls (and boys) started to surround her and give her hugs one-by-one. She could see Jessica loitering in the corner and beckoned her to come over, “Don’t you have a hug for your bestie too Jessica?”

Cas could see her turn red and dryly continued, “No worries, I didn’t have one for you either.” Cas laughed and turned to her other friends who laughed and asked each-other about their holidays. Whatever hadn’t been posted already on social media was now shared a...

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