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from ...bitch meets boy by Ruth Virgo

Chapter 14

Rise and shine Matt! It’s another glorious day!” Matt heard his Mum sing out through the thin walls of his house. In his head he was thinking the exact opposite (I don’t wanna wake up... It’s another horrible day...)

Get up, he did however, and soon he was on his way to school.

As he left the house he said goodbye to his father who was finally cutting back the brambles that had overgrown the path. Too bad Cas hadn’t waited a day for spying on Matt, she would have been able to get away, most-likely, unnoticed.

He leaned against the post at the bus stop, hoping that Cas was late and missed the bus. He really didn’t want to have to sit next to her again. Just as the bus came around the corner and into view, Cas, with her sisters in tow, came running up. Looking around for a way out, he spotted Jessica.

“Hey Jessica,” he blurted as she boarded the bus.

She turned around, “I really can’t hear you,&rdq...

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