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from ...bitch meets boy by Ruth Virgo

Chapter 7

Sitting down behind Cas, Matt kept thinking back to the night before when a he saw the redhead in the alley. Cas’s beautiful hair swayed when it caught a draft from the window, the girl in the alley’s long hair was red as well. Could it have been her that night? Why did she run away?

“Oi! It’s the secret lovers!”

Cas turned around to give a sorry look, before saying, “Eww, Matt? And me? Ugh, that is never going to happen.”

Ouch, yeah, well why did you put arm around me at lunch? Huh? What’s so weird about me? You have no idea why I was even bullied in my last school yet you find new reasons, I thought this had been a new start. A new life...

Matt didn’t even look at Cas when she turned back around again and tried to catch his eye. Matt’s parents had said that if he had any more bullying they would move again but Matt knew that moving wouldn’t solve the problem, it was part of it. Besides, Matt liked Tumblewood, he liked Cas, he just wasn’t sure if they liked him.

In, geography, they were given a project on the rainforest, it had to be done in pairs and would take up all the home-works for the term. When Matt’s teacher said about being in pairs Matt looked across the room at Cas, they lived near each-other for working together and she was the only person he knew in the class. Cas had already been looking at him and although he tried to look away, she nodded at him and he was forced to nod back. When Miss sent everyone off into their pairs to plan out their project, several girls came up to Cas but she waved them away and walked straight up to Matt. “Sorry about form..”

“Why?” Matt interrupted.

“I didn’t say I didn’t want to be friends I just said I didn’t want you as my boyfriend.

“You are OK with that aren’t you? Do you want to be more than friends...”

Matt looked into her eyes, she was beautiful, “I don’t know, I just don’t want you to dis me in front of everyone, I’ve had enough problems already...”

“Like wh...

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