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from ...bitch meets boy by Ruth Virgo

Chapter 2

Cassandra shimmied up the tall peach tree in her back garden and swung into her room via the window that she hadn’t once (not since her first rebellious act) kept closed. Pulling the contents of her coat’s pockets out and emptying them onto her bed she was captivated by the sight of a locked notebook. It was the item she nicked off the teenager in the alley. Having not had time to closely examine her findings in the alley due to the dark and her unexpected sneeze she was disappointed that it was not a wallet or anything valuable. She was also, however, intrigued. No one just carries a locked notebook around in their pocket all the time; let alone a teenage boy in the middle of the night. Out of her pocket she pulled one more thing, a paper clip, to unlock the book.

Sleep tugged at Cas’s eyelids and threatened to drag her into sleep as she finally opened the notebook belonging to the unusual boy.

Slowly Cas blinked awake and the world through her eyes turned from fuzzy to clear. “Noooo... Schooool... she groaned and glanced at her iPhone. “8:00!?” Jumping out of her bed (and in the meantime sending all her items from last night flying), she couldn’t be bothered to shut the curtains as she got changed into the dreaded school uniform. It was the first day of year 10 and the uniform was looking as plain, d...

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