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from ...bitch meets boy by Ruth Virgo

Chapter 8
Cas & Matt

Well, what do you think?”

“It’s-” Cas could see Matt searching though all his adjectives to find the perfect one to describe her room. “-better than mine,” Matt smiled, “Even though it’s just a little bit too pink for my liking.” He eyed the pink wallpaper and pink rug that you could sink your toes into. His gaze fell to the end of her bed, “I think the soft toys make up for the pinkness though!”

Cas turned red, she couldn’t sleep without holding her favourite teddy bear, she had got it for her 2nd birthday (when her parents still acted like they loved her). She hadn’t known someone would be coming around so she hadn’t tided it away like she usually did at sleepovers and was suddenly worried, “You won’t tell anyone at school, will you?”

“Only if you don’t tell them that one of my teddies is from when I was two years old and I can’t get to sleep without it.”

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