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The 10K Word Count Writing Challenge starts March 1.

Write 10,000 words.

This is your chance to add 10,000 words to your novel, whether it's currently a blank page or halfway done.

Get feedback. Or not.

Some writers love getting feedback as they work, others want little to none until they're finished. The choice is yours!

Post your word count.

Show off your progress and keep yourself on track by posting your daily word count.

Sign up for the Challenge!

You could even win a writing award.


What is the 10K Word Count Writing Challenge?

It's a way to challenge yourself to write 10,000 words during the month of March, so you can make a good deal of progress on your novel. Although 10,000 words may sound like a lot, keep in mind that it's less than 350 words a day, about a few paragraphs' worth.

Is it too late to register? Looks like the Challenge has already started.

Feel free to enter anytime—as long as you think you can still write 10,000 words by the end of the month!

Why 10,000 words?

By focusing on a relatively small number of words—instead of, say, 50,000—you'll be able to put more thought into what you’re writing, and end up with a solid foundation for a great novel that you can build on over time.

I've already started on my novel. Can I still enter?

Yes! We encourage preparing materials in advance so that you don't have to start cold. This includes outlines, character sketches, even unfinished stories you've already posted on ChapterBuzz. Heck, bring your 50,000 words from NaNoWriMo!

As long as you write 10,000 words during the Challenge month, you'll be eligible for an award.

Are there any prizes?

Several awards, in a variety of categories, will be given to writers at the end of the Challenge. We'll be recognizing both raw writing ability and how well your manuscript-in-progress is received by readers during the Challenge. Just think, you could be an award-winning writer by next month!

Can I write in any language?

Currently, we are only accepting English-language submissions.

Is any genre allowed?

For the most part, yes. Fiction usually works best, although non-fiction narratives are welcome too. Ultimately, keeping readers interested and wanting more is the name of the game, so if your genre can do that, you're in good shape.

Keep in mind that images are not currently supported by ChapterBuzz, so if your story relies heavily on artwork, it probably won't be a fit.

We're pretty open and flexible about genre here, but as you can imagine, some material is outright prohibited on ChapterBuzz. For more, please refer to the ChapterBuzz Terms of Use.

Do I have to post my writing publicly?

In order for us to count your entry, your material must be either composed on this site or copied and pasted in. You are not required, however, to publicly post it—it can be kept in draft form and still be counted. (This is similar to "draft" vs. "published" on a blog site.)

Keep in mind that if you choose not to post it, you could be missing out on half the fun! Feedback from readers can be especially useful and informative at this stage.

What if I'm not confident in my writing, or unsure about the best way to write my novel?

At this stage, don't worry about how great your writing is—just do your best. Since 10,000 words is only a fraction of the length of a novel, it's still very much a rough draft this early on. Recognizing that it by no means has to be perfect might take the pressure off just enough to accomplish the real objective: getting those words onto paper.

Am I required to invite readers or request feedback?

It's not a requirement, but it's a great side benefit of posting your work on ChapterBuzz. Other Challenge participants and site members can become readers by following you, and you can easily ask for feedback using our discussion feature.

If you do wish to invite friends, family, and blog followers to read your work, use our special invite page to make it easier!

How do I publicly update my word count?

You can post your current word count on your profile (it's all calculated automatically for you!) for the world to see your progress. On your Challenge Dashboard, click on "Update word count" next to your word totals, and you'll be prompted to post your update. You can update once a day, and updating more than once a day simply overwrites the previous update.

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