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by Rey Aura

A Adventurous journey of a youth in finding out about the mysteries about himself while fighting for peace as a royal guard of the country. "Sounds interesting!"

Chapter 1
Start of a tragedy

A Teenager lying near a river with a body half wet, the sun was high enough to be seen. He was surrounded by large and tall trees, with his head bleeding and pain all over his body.

“Where am I ?"

He could not remember anything, He was in the ...

Chapter 2 - The Strategy

‘Sound of Rapid firing'

The door opened and the guard outside of the room pulled Erik with his hand towards the gate.

“Stay down boy, also after you get out of the door, take the second door, It will lead to the forest from back.”

Chapter 3 - Trickery

“It is more of a trick than a plan, let us move according to my plan, I will Explain everything on the communication stone (cone).”

Everyone in the group starts to move according to Erik.

‘On the cone'

*Electric zappings*


Chapter 4 - The Forest of Illusions

The order for watching and guarding was decided. The order was 1st Benjamin, 2nd Alec, 3rd Tej, The injured and doctor were ordered to rest as much as they can.

As this was decided Everyone tried to rest as best as they could have in that place. “Erik de...

Chapter 5 : Escaping the Forest

Erik starts to think about a plan after talking with the team.

“Ok, We will be doing this very quick.”

Erik assembles the data inside his head

‘From what I learned, they are very rare and endangered species of animals, And attack ...

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