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from Lost by Rey Aura

Copyright © 2019–2021 Rey Aura

Chapter 5 : Escaping the Forest

Erik starts to think about a plan after talking with the team.

“Ok, We will be doing this very quick.”

Erik assembles the data inside his head

‘From what I learned, they are very rare and endangered species of animals, And attack anyone who threaten their peace they have magical powers to get invisible while they charge on an enemy, There Tails are horn shaped at the end and the tip secretes poison which is lethal it is to sharp and with a whole group of them surviving chance is absolute zero percent. We have to get to the box as fast as possible to report enemy movement around forest borders, It can be risky but worth a try.’

Erik calls Alec in a corner (a little far away place from group).

“Alec, I think we should separate in two groups, The first group of me and Alec and a second group of Tej and Benjamin will be great. Julia you take care of Carla here, They will not attack until they feel danger around them and to keep it to minimum, I think we should take a leap of faith, myself and Alec will go towards them. Benjamin you take right flank, and Tej cover us from behind, Alec we will leave our weapon here.”

“Oye, are you an Idiot or something, they will attack us for sure no one ever survived them. I am not going with this plan.”

Erik puts his hand on Alec shoulder.

”No one ever tried this too right, Ok let me go first alone, then if I not survive take your own decision, and just to be clear there is no way, we don't have food, equipment, supplies anyt...

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