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from Lost by Rey Aura

Copyright © 2019–2021 Rey Aura

Chapter 1
Start of a tragedy

A Teenager lying near a river with a body half wet, the sun was high enough to be seen. He was surrounded by large and tall trees, with his head bleeding and pain all over his body.

“Where am I ?"

He could not remember anything, He was in the middle of nowhere with no memories, all he could hear was the sound of birds and flowing sound of water. He doesn't have any belongings, his clothes were badly torn. He was not in a good situation and he could not understand a thing.


He shouted in pain as he tried to move his leg. A piece of wood pierced through his right leg, and all he could see was blood.

“Am I going to die?”

 He was still in pain and tears were falling through his eyes, He just started remembering was happened before he wake here.

“My name is Erik Harts, And I was near the river, What happened after that?”

Still in confusion and pain he could not remember a thing after that.

“I have to pull it out”

Still in pain Erik tried to pull out the wooden piece out of his leg, He tried to calm down and used his all strength to pull out the wooden piece.

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, get out of me you piece of junk.”

As Erik pull out the wooden piece through his leg, He fainted because of the pain.

In an unknown world with his memories gone what adventure awaits Erik.

“Wake up Erik or your are going to die.”

A sweet female voice can be heard by Erik, in his dream surrounded by darkness he sees a light coming from the same direction as of the voice.

“Don't go."

Erik shouts while running towards the light.

“Find me Erik, I have to go now, promise me you will find me.”

Erik runs as fast as he could but he could reach and just wakes up from that dream.


“Who’s Elena?”

A deep voice of a person could be heard as he asks him.

“I don't know, What is going on?, Where am I?”

Startled, Erik try to get...

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