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from Lost by Rey Aura

Copyright © 2019–2021 Rey Aura

Chapter 2 - The Strategy

‘Sound of Rapid firing'

The door opened and the guard outside of the room pulled Erik with his hand towards the gate.

“Stay down boy, also after you get out of the door, take the second door, It will lead to the forest from back.”

With a terrifying look on Erik's face, he asked the soldier in shaking voice.

“What about you?”

“Don't worry boy, we will regroup and head your way.”

He had a fearless smile with no regrets.

“Now run boy.”

Erik ran as fast as he can towards the door, But as he opens the door, he saw soldiers in different coloured uniforms.

“Damn, we are surrounded.”

He closes the door fast and looks toward the soldier who was guarding his room.

“Sir, We are surrounded, Is there another way out?”

The Soldier runs towards Erik as he sees a grenade coming from window.

“Get down boy.”


He jumps towards Erik and they both hit the ground.

“You ok, Boy.”

“Yea, I am fine.”

Erik says in a timid voice.

“Good, hold this pistol, protect yourself and follow me.”

“Where will we go?”

The soldier then gets near the wall and looks outside the window.

“There are about 12 in this direction.”

Suddenly a voice from outside comes,

‘Unknown speaker'

“Get out here, and no one will be killed.”

With a great sigh, the soldier says to Erik.

“We will use the underground tunnel we mad to get out of here, But it is on other side of this base.”

“By the way boy, my name is Alec an...

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