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from Lost by Rey Aura

Copyright © 2019–2021 Rey Aura

Chapter 4 - The Forest of Illusions

The order for watching and guarding was decided. The order was 1st Benjamin, 2nd Alec, 3rd Tej, The injured and doctor were ordered to rest as much as they can.

As this was decided Everyone tried to rest as best as they could have in that place. “Erik decided to talk to Alec before start resting.

“Alec, Can I talk to you for a moment.”

“Sure, boy.”

They sat down near the fire.

“Alec, can you tell me about the world, I don't remember anything, but I would like to have some knowledge about it.”

“Ok boy, no problem.”

Alec started to tell Erik about the world starting by Their country.

“The country we are serving and from where we belong is Telistest. Our country is peace loving and welcoming. We have more than 13 species living in our country, The Royal Family take cares of everything and govern everyone with justice and care.”

“We are neighbours of four countries Alarc, Eristisa, Garland and Fenetus, well as for necessary information every country except for Garland are trying to gain control of our lands. Garland is a Neutral country and does not help us or other countries. Well you will learn many thing when we will leave you in capital. Well rest now we are moving early tomorrow, rest your leg and head as much as you can.”

After chatting a little with Alec, Erik leaves him and sits down near a tree. As he starts to fell asleep, he hears a sound. He looks back. He sees a beautiful deer, the body of that deer was radiant and golden light is coming from it.

“It is so beautiful.”

The deer comes near Erik. Erik is still in a awe tries to touch it.

The Beautiful sound which was heard before by Erik came from behind Erik.


“Yes, Erik come this way.”

“Who are you Elena?, What do u want?”

“Erik you promised me remember, That we will be together forever, Find me Erik, Find me.”


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