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from Lost by Rey Aura

Copyright © 2019–2021 Rey Aura

Chapter 3 - Trickery

“It is more of a trick than a plan, let us move according to my plan, I will Explain everything on the communication stone (cone).”

Everyone in the group starts to move according to Erik.

‘On the cone'

*Electric zappings*

“Its static.”

“Yes, we all know that, can you tell us what is in your mind boy.”

“Ok sorry, everyone on their positions.”

“This is Tej on position."

“This is Benjamin on position."

“This is Carla on position.”

“This is Julia on position.”

“This Alec on position boy, By the way why am I near the gate of bridge."

“Because, Sir Alec you are the bait.”

Hearing that Julia and others starts to giggle.

“What the hell are you saying boy.”

Julia says in a giggling voice

“Do your best Sir Alec."

“Boy, if I die here I will haunt your dreams.”

“Alec, I am joking but you really are a bait, listen the closest exit towards the forest is near the room where I was resting right.”

“Ya, boy that is true."

Erik continues 

“We will all use smoke grenades to cover our trail in forest now, we are all near the rooms of that gate.”


‘Yes, we are'

“Except for me boy.”

“I know, let me finish, as they are outside if we all use frag grenades In every room the soldiers outside will rush here except for two or three, because they are not sure where we are, but if Alec after blast starts to fire near the bridge, Every soldier will get there to stop us from running away, as grenades blast open your vents and target the soldiers near you fro...

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