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Dacia Arnold is writing 250 words a week in the Page-a-Week Writers Club, so check back often for new material! Curious about the Club?

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Dacia Arnold (Tier II Author)

Apparent Power
by Dacia Arnold

Valerie Russell is a mother navigating the American dream in central Colorado when disaster strikes leaving her stranded 100 miles from home and her two year old son. A quarter of the population has lasting effects of the event awakening a dormant gene that sets them apart from the general population, but Valerie’s genes are even more unique and the government is after her for it. Valerie must get home to her son, avoid capture and devise a way to defeat the rising power that needs her in order to complete the transition to a Totalitarian government.

Chapter One

The veil of steam enveloped her in a robe of air and water. Valerie Russell’s muscles loosened as the water flowed over her. Scents of lavender cleared her mind and calmed her senses. The heat awakened her soul.

“Who the hell are you?” Her hu...

The Executioner
by Dacia Arnold

Sylvia is a hired hitman with the ultimate alias; someone else. Her ironclad alibi allows her to live a cushioned double life. Then a stranger with a familiar face sparks her curiosity. Is her cover blown? Will she need to make her own contracted kill?

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