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The Satanic Codex 2020
by /Bert LaVey

Satan and the Devil are not the same as the bible teaches you. Matter-of-fact, you have no idea what a monotheist society can do to bring about your personal downfall. Read this book and find some answers to some questions you were always afraid to ask! "Sounds interesting!"

The Major Problem and The Final Solution




Bert LaVey

Copyrighted @2020 by Bert LaVey.

For FutureNow Publications.

All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents


The Vision of Social Collapse and Rebirth

Chapter 1

The Denial of Supernatural Divinity (and initial reinterpretations of Satanic mythology)

Chapter 2

The Inversion of Morality (The Crimes of God)

Chapter 3

Chapter 1
The Denial of Supernatural Divinity

Chapter 1:

The Denial of Supernatural Divinity

(and initial reinterpretations of Satanic mythology)

In the following writings, remember that when we are referring to ‘God’ or ‘Satan,’ we are speaking of concepts, and not tangible supernatural beings.

God, as an individual, conscious entity does not exist, and never did.

Chapter 2
Inversion Of Morality

Chapter 2-

The Inversion of Morality (The Crimes of God)

-In biblical mythology, Satan rebelled due to God’s propensity to generate inequalities and perpetrate injustices, and Satan was justified in this rebellion- it is courageous (and may even be seen as moralistic) to confront authoritarian injustice and inequality, be it in myth or reality.

The God of the Abrahamic monotheistic religions- Judaism, Christianity and Islam- is a neglectful and ...

Chapter 3
The Myth of Absolution and Purity

Chapter 3- The Myths of Absolution and Purity.

In the Christian New Testament, Jesus many times advocates violence, and seldom (if ever) puts it into a context of self-defense… some examples are:

‘Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth? I have not come to bring peace but a sword’ (Matthew 10:34

and ‘I came to bring fire to the earth and how I wish it were already kindled!&nb...

Chapter 4
The Beast That Is Humanity

Chapter 4

The Beast that is Humanity

-Humans are physical animals. Our relatively advanced mental prowess does not negate our bestial, carnal nature. There is no divinity that sets us above other animals- we simply have different survival instincts and have developed different means of interacting with the natural world. We are made of flesh and blood; we rely on air to breathe and water to drink, just as all other mammals on the planet do. Even self-aware...

Chapter 5
The Reason For Hatred

Part 5- The Reasons for Hatred 


Monotheists are still hindered by the tragic belief that the world was made for humanity by some unfathomable God, and that humans are little meat and clay dolls meant to imitate God’s supposed image while trapped in an intentional ignorance of God’s device- this is a purposefully imposed denial of humanity achieving its potential for self-aware knowledge (as expressed in the creation mythology of monotheists). There is ...

This chapter contains no content.

Confessions Of A Black Satanist

OUTRO: Confessions Of A Black Satanist.




a formal statement admitting that one is guilty of a crime."he signed a confession to the murders"synonyms: admission, owning up, acceptance of blame/responsibility, acknowledgment, profession, revelation, disclosure, exposure, avowal, unbosoming a statement setting out essential religious doctrine.

Now, that I know what the word...

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