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from The Satanic Codex 2020 by /Bert LaVey

Copyright © 2019–2021 Bruce Peterson

The Major Problem and The Final Solution




Bert LaVey

Copyrighted @2020 by Bert LaVey.

For FutureNow Publications.

All Rights Reserved.

Table of Contents


The Vision of Social Collapse and Rebirth

Chapter 1

The Denial of Supernatural Divinity (and initial reinterpretations of Satanic mythology)

Chapter 2

The Inversion of Morality (The Crimes of God)

Chapter 3

The Beast that is Humanity

Chapter 4

The Myths of Absolution and Purity


So What?


“The first revolt is against the supreme tyranny of theology, of the phantom of God. As long as we have a master in heaven, we will be slaves on earth.”

“But here steps in Satan, the eternal rebel, the first freethinker and the emancipator of worlds…”

― Mikhail Bakunin

‘With a good God.

All men are evil.”

-Bert LaVey, High Priest


The Vision Of Cultural Collapse And Rebirth

The ultimate goal of the S. O. S. is to use anarchist principles and Satanic anti-theistic mythology to inspire movements towards a decentralized society based on free, voluntary association and mutual aid, but which also promotes direct-action social accountability functions to minimize hierarchy and coercion, while focusing on the maintenance of ecological sustainability.

. To reconcile social accountability with a decentralized society devoid of any structural, hierarchical enforcement of social accountability, the population of that society must be reduced in order to ensure sustainability and effective self-regulation.

The smaller and more limited the population of a society, the less complex and complicated the processes necessary to achieve social accountability and relative ecological sustainability need to be.

The larger the population of a society becomes, the greater likelihood that the complexity of social accountability mechanisms will either be ineffectual (more parts of the social machine implying more chance of breakdown within the accountability process) and/or be manipulated by an elite group formed on the basis of maintaining the system’s complexity (to extend the metaphor of a social accountability machine, the mechanics specializing in keeping the complex machine functioning become the hierarchical elite).

Direct accountability with and within one’s own community, a community comprised of individuals who have gathered through voluntary association and not forced proximity, will generally function better than complex social accountability mechanisms based on the detached judgment of a ruling elite who are focused on their own profitability and success and not the community’s needs.

This is a socially applied variation of the scientific principle of Occam’s razor which states that the ‘simpler hypotheses are generally more likely to be correct than the complex ones.’

This ‘razor’ is always held to the metaphorical ‘throat’ of human society… the larger the society, the larger the ‘throat’.

Eventually, the expansion of society’s ‘throat’ creates contact with the razor (the society reaches ‘critical mass’), and the inflated population ‘drains’ until a sustainable size is reached or a new society forms out of (or despite) the corpse of the failed society.

To establish a population of sustainable size, people residing within that society must be presented with an alternative to the aggressively expansionist ‘mainstream’ culture of capitalism and monotheism.

This ideology of constant expansion is rooted in supremacist beliefs derived from both monotheism and capitalism; it can be traced back to concepts such as ‘Manifest Destiny’, which encourages the ruling class (white male landowners) to continue on a "mission from God" to conquer and consume everyone and everything on Earth.

This push for expansion needs to be halted in order to form a system which is not based on hierarchical oppression and social injustice, but is focused away from consumption and instead values egalitarianism, sustainability, and community equilibrium.

By creating and combining micro-cultures of resistance to eventually replace the macro-culture of monotheistic capitalism, The S. O. S. ‘s seeks to plant the seeds of a new growth of human culture through an acknowledgment of monotheism and capitalism’s decline (and overall failure) and in anticipation of the collapse of those hierarchical institutions and the societies which have been built upon them.

These micro-cultures of resistance should be based on practices ...

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