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from The Satanic Codex 2020 by /Bert LaVey

Copyright © 2019–2021 Bruce Peterson

Confessions Of A Black Satanist

OUTRO: Confessions Of A Black Satanist.




a formal statement admitting that one is guilty of a crime."he signed a confession to the murders"synonyms: admission, owning up, acceptance of blame/responsibility, acknowledgment, profession, revelation, disclosure, exposure, avowal, unbosoming a statement setting out essential religious doctrine.

Now, that I know what the word 'confession' means, no wonder I never go to "CONFESSION". By the first definition of the word, 


No one else had to do it for you. So maybe it is not a good word for the title of this chapter, but if we look at the other definitions of the same word 'confession' we find it also means "REVELATION."


There you go! Now My title is right-

'The Revelation {Confessions} Of A Black Satanists.'

So I am going to tell you two reasons why I left the Christian religion of 40 years and became a Transcendental Satanist.  {Because, unlike Jesus and his fucked-up Father, the true Satan never lied to me or anyone.}

Man and mankind has been robbed of his Spiritual nature and power.

He has been 'doped' into 'believing' they are an 'evil sinner' that has be saved from God who has

already condemned them to hell, and provides 'salvation' through his ONLY {white skinned-mind you} Son.

Now I being a Black man had no choice but to grow up Christian.  But being fortunate enough to live in a 'upper-class Negro class' I was brought up Lutheran before my parents divorced, and my mother with no job-skills was plunged into the 'ghettos' of Columbus, Ohio. 

I had gone from the American Dream to the American Nightmare in a twinkling of an eye.

And being a "pray without ceasing" Christian I suffered the most abuse and neglect in all my life.  In the ghetto, they HATED me. And the only reason was because we were different. We were not rich black folks, but we sure were not 'ghetto-poor' black folks either, and that was like being a white gay man trying to fuck a black Drug lord in Compton.  I was not gay, but to them, we did 'talk funny' and that was enough. Though we never fought or even had any 'bad blood' between us there were two things I noticed here you might find interesting.

1). Me, The God of Love {Lutheran-white church near black neighborhood} was about to shit his pants meeting The God of Hate {the ghetto-baptist, holiness-white Jesus on the wall}.  We were the same Christians, read the same mystic/magical book the Bible, but these mutherfuckers were full of 'pure hate', not love. Hate for me, themselves, and most of all their own black race.  I got it now. I had fallen from Grace. I never knew I was in heaven, took it for granted. Yeah, but then, how could I have known what 'heaven' was? {1963 BC=Before Coalesce} until I experienced hell? {1963 AD=After Divorce}.  I was in hell and after all those fucking years of serving him like a trooper! What the fuck happened!?

It took years for me to finally understand I was just 'Working for the Man' and justifying it by saying, 'I love [white] Jesus and I am proud to SERVE HIM or 'be of service.'

When Christian people didn't 'walk the walk or talk the talk' which you literally can't do with the bible for no one can be perfect or approach being perfect. If we were 'created' IMPERFECT {sinners!} then we are always sinners!

Ha, a perfect world for Christians to save the world THEY created. 

2.) I never felt like I was superior to anyone I meet in the ghetto, but ...

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