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Coming of Age
THE GREAT AMERICAN BLACK HERO: Little Angels: Part One: Little Angels
by B. L. Peterson

You are growing up, and there is a strange new world around you. And you notice you ARE different! And some people like you for it, and some don't. But life couldn't be better! It is 1950's Mid-Eastern America. My momma didn't sing the blues and pappa wasn't a rolling stone. But I was certainly something to be accounted for at nine years old. This is my story. "Sounds interesting!"




by  B. L. Peterson 


The Great American Black Hero Part One: Little Angels

Copyright © 2012-2020 by B. L. Peterson

For FutureNow Publications.

 All rights reserved.  





This book series is dedicated...

Chapter 1
Mom and Dad


Chapter One:  

Mom and Dad 



The teacher called out to me in the second row.  

"Brewster! Brewster!!" 

I snapped too. "Yes, mam!?" 

"Wake up! You're daydreaming again!? You know there is no sleeping in class!" 

I lifted my heavy head and eyes off my desk and came out of my daydream. The 8th grade sucked! 

Even then I did not ...

Chapter 2
And Here's Brewster!

Chapter Two: 


 And Here’s Brewster!   



After getting away with that little fiasco, we moved on to “Family Bloopers number two.” 

"What the hell is that?!" I asked as my brother showed me this flat red balloon like thing. 

"It's a whoopee cushion." 

"A what?!" 

"Here, watch!" 

He blew up the inflated rubber device, I never se...

Chapter 3

Chapter III  



Grandma was God sent. 

Oh yeah! She fell right out of heaven into our laps. And we were forever grateful. Granddad was grand too. But it was Grandma who took the cake. Grandma was in a class of her own. One of my fondest memories of Grandma was when we had gone over to her apartment in California and it was pretty much an ordinary mundane day...OK, it was fooking boring!  

Chapter 4


Chapter IV  




 If Grandma fell out of heaven, Grand Daddy walked out!  

There was no way in heaven or hell you would think the gently “BUDweiser” slightly drinking, white hair, old man, sitting in his favorite arm chair in front of the T.V. {You see, even then Grandpa and I had som...

Chapter 5
Sister Lynn

Chapter V 


 Sister Lynn 


 Even today, when I and my sister talk, we still give credit to each other for getting the other one into music.

 I claim I sat on my big sister’s lap and played my first piano piece. Whereas my sister claims that I taught her how to sing. We both could be right you know.  


 But one thing ...

Chapter 6
Big Brother Bernie

Chapter Six 


Big Brother Bernie  


 My brother has always been kool. Every since I can remember Bernie had always been a good big brother to me. Not once did we ever get into a Knock-em Down-Knock-em-all-Out fist fight.  Never in our whole lives.  Bernie, being 1 ½ months older than me, was pretty quiet and laid back and like our dad could stomach almost any weat...





Yet, I would not deceive you though and say everything was cherries and roses in the Peterson’s Klan as stated earlier, and I veered off the straight and narrow path many, many times. But ​always in the Name of Truth! But I never knew ‘TRUTH’ could get you in so much trouble! As a Seeker of Truth, I found there are many truths of one Truth, but exactly what that one Truth is varies among different people and sects.


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