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from THE GREAT AMERICAN BLACK HERO: Little Angels by B. L. Peterson

Copyright © 2019–2021 Bruce Peterson




by  B. L. Peterson 


The Great American Black Hero Part One: Little Angels

Copyright © 2012-2020 by B. L. Peterson

For FutureNow Publications.

 All rights reserved.  





This book series is dedicated to my family and my brother, Bernie who is the true Black American hero of this book, and all the people who made this book possible by loving and supporting me. Too numerous to name you know who you all are! Thank you! 





To all the Human and Spiritual Beings who helps mankind by being kind and giving and making my life better and richer! You are too precious and numerous to name all here. So too all who know and not know my name, take a bow just the same.  I thank you all for a wonderful Game and Everlasting Fame. Some names were changed to protect the guilty. 




 Dedication  ​i  


 Acknowledgments     ii  


Table Of Contents      iii 


Intro: Little Angels On Steroids

1  Mom & Dad              

2  And Here’s Brewster              

3  Grandma              

4  Grandpa             

5  Sister Lynn              

6  Big Brother Bernie 

Outro: Up Popped The Devil  





“A Working Class ​Hero​ is something to be.” -John Lennon 



 Intro: Little Angels On Steroids.


It was 1950 in mid-eastern America, Columbus, Ohio. The first major credit card was introduced to the buying public. America now had 'plastic money' that extended their buying power beyond their means to pay. The first organ transplant took place.  

Right on! 

The Korean War started.  


Playboy Magazine came out, the first nude {tits only} magazine of its kind that I​ knew of. 

{I was around nine years old and we got the discarded magazines from the trash can. 

Yeah baby!} 

The famous Norma Jean {Marilyn Monroe} grace was the first centerfold of Playboy magazine. 

DNA was discovered. 

Joseph Stalin, who was known to be as evil as Hitler if not worst was executed. 

Average Cost of a new house was $9,550.00. 

Average wages per year were $4,000.00. 

Cost of a gallon of Gas .20 cents. 

Average Cost of a new car was $1,650.00. 

And all of that was in the year I was born in 1953.

My brother Bernie, who was born a year earlier, saw the Polio vaccine discovery in his birth year and this was also the year that McCarthy started the Communist Witch Scare and Hunt. 

Your name better not be found in the dreaded "Black book". 

President Truman ordered the construction of the first Hydrogen Bomb. Man now had the power to blow himself to kingdom come and beyond. Who needed a vengeful God? 

Maybe the biggest relief in the 1950's was when "You're a good man, Charlie Brown" hit the newsstands as Charles Shultz, and the world's, number one comics "Peanuts! " 

{Charles Monroe "Sparky" Schulz, was an American cartoonist and creator of the comic strip Peanuts. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential cartoonists of all time, cited by cartoonists including Jim Davi...

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