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from Assassinato Selva by Steven Smith

Copyright © 2019–2020 Imogen McKenzie

Chapter 5

Lake Blue was now just over the next ridge, the group had hiked uphill during the last forty minutes and would eventually be at the peak of the waterfall. 

Once there the glorious scenery melted Katie's heart, and she could see just how the views had taken the breathes of her friends also. 

"Wow, you gotta be kidding me?" Vicky was stuck for words, she could barely take it all in. 

Keeley was quick to produce her digital camera and was taking many shots of the views below. 

Edith meanwhile had perched on a large rock, taking in the views as she rested. 

"Okay, I must warn you, the edges can be a little weak so do not venture to close. There is also lots of caves at the bottom of this waterfall, if you like we can explore those in a little while." Federico told the women all about the grand Lake Blue, the stunning pool below was as blue as blue can get, yet clear enabling one to see right to the bottom even from this high up. The caves had been formed by the rushes of water, they made a superb smooth network of tunnels that had to be seen to be believed. 


After much excitement and a memory card full of digital images, the group made a slow trek down to the bottom. The ultra blue pool below was some twenty foot deep in places, it stretched a good hundred foot in width. The million gallons of water crashing down across the back of the pool, and the soothing warm spray of water was invigorating to those who stood in its presence. 

"If we set up camp a few hundred yards down the track, we can come back and explore the caves," Federico guided them away from the vast pool, preparing their camp before dark would be the best idea. 

Vicky had dropped her backpack to the ground, she was now yanking off her boots and peeling off her socks. Her sleeveless jacket was next off followed by her brown khaki shorts, her white vest top was flung aside and she stood momentarily in her swimming bikini. 

"What the hell Vicky?" Katie giggled, amused as her friends speedy transformation. Vicky beamed with delight, "You think I was gonna come here unprepared? Oh my dear Katie," 

And with that she bound barefooted for the pool. 

Federico could do little to stop her and Katie simply watched in amusement. 

As Vicky dive bombed into the pool Edith could be seen scowling, Vicky's gorgeous slim figure was always the envy of the Scottish lass, she always felt Vicky flounced off her slender frame way too often, any excuse to get her clothes off and slip down to always rather revealing under garments. 


Meanwhile Keeley was sat on the floor and pulling her own boots off in a similar fashion, her clothing discarded with speed and she skipped over to the pond in her underwear. Clearly not as well prepared as Victoria, but still eager to take a dip. 

Federico felt a slight sense of embarrassment, and decided he wasn't going to convince them to get out, so he headed off a short way down the track to setup camp. 


Katie locked eyes with Vicky who was urging her friend to join her, "Come on Katie Boo, it's amazingly warm in here. You gotta try it." 

Keeley was equally giggling with excitement as she dived elegantly into the pool like an Olympic swimmer. 

"Edith? You gonna join in?" Katie smiled. 

"Naa, its no for me girl. I'll just sit and watch," Edith responded in a deflated tone, she perched on a rock dropping her backpack so she could rest. 

"Thought you might wanna watch instead Ede," Vicky flicked a teasing wink in her direction, but unlike previous outbursts the Scot didn't take the bait. 


Katie set her backpack down and undid the laces on her boots, hurried along by the cheerful cries from her cousin and Vicky who continued to splash and dive around. 

The boots and socks came off followed by her shorts, she was also wearing bikini style underwear. "Not the only one who came prepared Vicky," Katie smiled at her friend, eager to prove she too could be well equipped with preparation. 

It wasn't long befor...

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