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from Assassinato Selva by Steven Smith

Copyright © 2019–2020 Imogen McKenzie

Chapter 2

The day of their flight had arrived, they gathered at the airport awaiting to board their flight, starting from Birmingham to Zurich and then from Zurich onto Rio. The near fifteen hour journey ahead was still a mystery to all but Katie. "Where is she?" Vicky asked concerned that their remaining friend Edith was still not at the boarding gate in Birmingham. "We are going to have to go without her," Keeley sounded as equally concerned.

Katie looked down at the boarding passes in her hands, Edith had replied via text message a few days ago, promising that she would be at the airport in time, yet, she was no where in sight and soon the gate would close.

"Katie, are you certain she is coming?" Vicky huffed as the trio stood seemingly pointlessly waiting around when they could be sat on the plane. "Yes, she said 'See you on the 27th, she knows the time and location, she will be here." Vicky huffed again, "Well she is going to be shit out of luck if she doesn't get here soon."

Any later and Edith would of missed the flight, but she was striding down towards the gate, smiling like she didn't have a care in the world. "Hurry up Edith, they will close this damn gate any second," Katie yelled over to Edith with great urgency.

The Scot simply kept her sinister smile and continued her confident pace. Her thick soled black leather boots had a million straps across their front, stopping just below the knee. The black combat trousers that she wore had a large number of straps clipping to various pockets and points across the material. A black tight fitting vest gave a glorious view of Edith's many tattoos, ranging from skulls and black roses to many gothic celtic symbols.

"Fucking hell it's G.I. Jane," Keeley choked with laughter. "Trust her to go all commando on us," Katie smiled as Edith drew closer wheeling a large black suitcase behind her, covered in yet more skulls and symbols glorifying Edith's full on dark side. "I hope she doesn't go all commando on us, I don't wanna see that," Vicky stuck out her tongue and gave an expression of disgust.

"Cutting it fine, eh Edith?" Keeley rolled her eyes in disbelief. "Save the best till last, let's go, bitches!" Edith brushed between Katie and Vicky like they were not even there. Vicky scowled as Edith's suitcase almost crushed her toes, glaring into the back of her head, not so pleased after all that Edith had indeed decided to grace them with her presence, "She is such a dickhead," Vicky muttered. The trio quickly followed and were soon on the plane and settled down for the long journey ahead.

Upon landing Vicky couldn't help but point out how excruciating the flight had been, thanks to Edith moaning non stop about feeling ill, being uncomfortable, switching at Zurich and finally snoring her head off for the last three hours of the flight. Edith continued to moan about this and that, and now an extra journey to the overnight hotel was next on her whinging agenda. Vicky hurried to Katie's side as they wheeled their luggage to the taxi-rank, "I swear if this carries on I'm getting straight back on that plane and going home," Vicky sniggered. "She will be okay, its the same every year, give her twenty four hours and she will be full of energy bossing us around and most likely drinking until the early hours of the morning," Katie replied wirh a gentle smile. "Great! Can't wait," Vicky responded sarcastically.

At the hotel Katie insisted on an early night but Edith wasn't having any of it, straight to the bar and doing shots was top of her priority list, despite Vicky's best attempts Edith would not budge and it was close to midnight before any of them could coax the big Scot back to the hotel room.

Finally once the group had settled it was only Keeley and Katie whi remained awake.

"Katie, are you awake?" Keeley whispered, as she sat up in bed, leaning over in her cousin's direction.

"Go to sleep Keel, it's going to be a long day tomorrow," Katie rolled over turning her back towards Keeley. The young brunette wouldn't leave it and questioned her older cousin as she tried to sleep, "C'mon Katie, I just wanna know where we are going tomorrow."

"I told you it's a suprise, I'm not gonna tell you, now go to sleep," Katie figeted with her bed covers and shuffled around to get comfortable. "Please Cuz, I won't tell the others I ...

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