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from Whiskey Nightmare by Davin Rae

Chapter 6

Everything felt different tonight. The energy in the car was a bit more tense and we were heading into a nice development versus the area with dilapidated homes all around that we hit Saturday night. I was impressed by the neighborhood. Grass was actually green and no metal fences marked off territories. “Are we in the right place?” I asked.

“Yeah, we’re here.” Matt said as he pulled over to the side of the road. “It’s that house right there. Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

I watched him walk up to the house and ring the doorbell. He looked at his phone and headed around back. I couldn’t help but stare at the house, listening intently for anything out of the ordinary. Soon I saw a figure walking back toward the car with a backpack. Matt opened the backdoor first, throwing the bag on the seats and quickly shutting the door behind him. He got in the front and turned on the car.

“This is how I make my livelihood, Lennox.” He drove around the block and parked the car again, reaching into the backseat to grab the bag. He opened it, counting the stacks of money. He took out quite a few and threw them in the glove compartment in front of me. He then zipped the bag back up and placed it back where he first put it.

I looked at him and nodded in understanding. He didn’t know I made off on his little adventures, too, I thought.

Putting his hands on the wheel, he shifted the car in drive and we were off to our next stop. To my surprise, the next stop was his apartment. “I thou...

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