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Get your novel in front of our whole community.

Book of the Year

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Here's how it works:

1. Get 3 reviews for your book

To qualify, get at least 3 reviews for your book. Here's how to get reviews

2. Invite your friends to the Party

Invite everyone you know to our month-long Winter Book Reading Party, which is where all the magic happens. It's like an online book fair where you can showcase your book!

3. Attract Fans. Build Fame

During the Reading Party, every time readers "Buzz" one of your chapters, you'll earn Fame Points. These Fame Points help you stand out!

You'll win Book of the Year if 1) your book earns the best reviews while 2) you earn the most Fame Points. In addition to Book of the Year, four Finalists will also be named.

Registration ends soon!

Winners & Prizes

1 Grand Prize Winner: Book of the Year

If your book is popular with readers and gets good reviews, you could be our big winner!

You'll win a prize package worth over $700:

4 Runner-Up Finalists

If your book is selected as one of four runners-up, you'll win:

Registration ends soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Book of the Year Competition?

The Book of the Year Competition at ChapterBuzz is your chance to get your published book in front of thousands of readers so they can discover the great work you do.

The Book of the Year Competition is also your chance to:
  • Get expert reviews. Expert reviewers can easily find your book and post their reviews on their websites. This means you're getting exposure to all of their readers, too!
  • Appear on the cover of Books & Buzz Magazine. As editor-in-chief of Books & Buzz Magazine, I love letting all of our subscribers know about newly published books as much as they love discovering them!
  • Get exposure and promotion for your book. Books that receive positive reviews will be included in our Holiday Book-Giving Guide.
  • Boost your sales. We'll let readers know your book is available for purchase by displaying the link to your Amazon page, or wherever it's for sale.
  • Earn more ChapterBucks. Readers will be able to show their support by giving you ChapterBucks, which, as you may know, can be redeemed for many valuable services, including publishing your next book.
  • Promote a series. By making one of the books in your series available, it whets readers' appetites for the next ones—even if you haven't written them yet.

How do I win Book of the Year?

Your book could be a finalist—or even our big winner—if the average star rating of all your reviews is among the highest, and you're among the most popular authors in terms of Fame Points earned.

How do I enter the Competition?

Bring it on! Enter the Competition here.

How do I get reviews for my book?

Please contact any expert book reviewer you find listed in our ChapterBuzz Service Directory. Some charge for their services, others give free reviews. All reviews will be posted on the reviewers' websites.

Note: if a reviewer charges for a review, it is only as compensation for his or her time, and does not influence the review. (Giving money, gifts, or other compensation in exchange for a more favorable review is strictly forbidden and could result in disqualification from the Competition.)

How do I know whether my book is eligible to enter?

Any book that has been accepted into our Hot Off the Press section is eligible to compete for Book of the Year.

Here are the basic requirements for Hot Off the Press:
  • Your book must be published and available for sale
  • Your book must consist of at least 20,000 words
  • All chapters must be posted publicly

How do I win Book of the Year?

We'll consider the average star rating of all the official reviews your book has received, along with how many Fame Points you've earned, and determine a winner.

The Winter Book Reading Party is the big event of the year, and it's where you could receive the most Buzz and Fame Points, so be sure to invite as many people as you can!

The big winner is chosen at the end of the Winter Book Reading Party, but all reviews you've received and Fame Points you've earned in 2023 (both before and during the Winter Book Reading Party) will count.

What if I get a review that's not as good as the others?

When we calculate your average star rating, we drop the lowest rating for 1 out of every 10 reviews. That means you'd have to get 10 reviews for the lowest of those not to count toward your average. If you get 20 reviews, the 2 lowest ratings won't count, etc.

Where can I read the Official Rules?

The Official Rules of the ChapterBuzz Book of the Year Competition can be found on this page.

What's the cost to enter?

It's totally free!

Is any genre allowed?

We have a good answer in the general ChapterBuzz FAQ: Is any genre allowed?

Registration ends soon!

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