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ChapterBuzz Publishing Rewards

You can redeem your ChapterBucks for any of these publishing services. Need more ChapterBucks? Here's how to get more

All of our in-house work is either carried out or overseen by me personally, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Please get in touch with me when you're ready to get started!

Timothy Pike | About me

Rewards available   (Amounts & offers subject to change)

Book cover design

Your book cover will be designed by a professional graphic designer, who will present you with several different, original concepts (never from a template).

Choose the one you like best, then work with our designer to hone it until it's perfect.

Professional copy editing

When readers open your book, you want them to be impressed from the very first sentence. That way, they're hooked, and they'll keep turning pages all the way to the end.

And that means they'll be that much more likely to buy your next book!

Our signature publishing package

Publishing doesn't get any easier—because I do it all for you! Whether you don't know much about publishing, or simply don't have the time, I'll take your Microsoft Word file and turn it into a beautiful book, on sale at Amazon and in the Kindle store.

Leave the details to me, and use the extra time to do what you love. Maybe that's writing your next book?

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