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Barry B. Wright (Tier III Author)

by Barry B. Wright

Chapter One

It is I who is to blame. AYOH, the land of my ancestors, burns. Screams of my subjects still assail my ears. Their ghosts continue to ride the late night air. I am haunted by their unyielding reach.

I can see the fear in Ennea’s face through my tear f...

by Barry B. Wright


Darkness surrounds him and lies deeply within him. Tonight, his approach to her bedroom window is stealthier than his previous visits. Because he has killed, the community has become alerted to his presence but they do not know who he is.

He draws closer to ...

When Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow
by Barry B. Wright

Chapter One

Along the way, Tom Kedry had changed. It wasn’t one of those “Oh, Tom, what’s happening?” sort of things because it was barely noticeable. But, Louise, his wife, had noticed. Moodiness and dark thoughts, so unusual for him, had transitioned i...

Angel Maker
by Barry B. Wright

Chapter One

A heavy grey mist had settled over Bournemouth. It was well past the ten o’clock closing for pubs and the last of the trolley buses had been docked for the night. The damp, cold streets were empty, that is for the exception of a young man carrying an over-size...

Into The Night
by Barry B. Wright

Chapter 1

SHE WAS DEAD, THERE was nothing he could do about it, now; he had to accept it. But there was more. He had stumbled badly; he had come up short. He knew that he had unwittingly failed in what he had come to realize was the only worthwhile endeavor. Still, there must...

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