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Three novels published several years ago and then my mind ran dry for anything longer than a few hundred words - need to reboot my mind and actually write that fourth novel I've been planning for so long.

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Terence Kuch     (Tier V Newcomer Author )


Science Fiction
The Second Body
by Terence Kuch

In the future, it's possible to have a second body - another you - a buddy, a guy to go to work for you when you just don't feel like it, to take risks you might not want to ... but the mysterious company that makes it all possible ... what is it really up to? Not to replace all us Ones with our Twos, but ... something worse. "Sounds interesting!"

Back Story 2

[a piece of back story for the novel: The Origin of Anne]

Eric Danegold, a bioscientist, and his wife Lisa, want children. However, he is sterile owing to an earlier lab accident, and she had been advised by a physician that it would be dangerous for her to conceive, owing to an inherited health problem.

They discuss adoption, but want “their” children, as Anne Danegold later put it. They first decide to take his DNA and grow a “junior,” a clone. Then if ...

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