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Science Fiction
The Second Body
by Terence Kuch

In the future, it's possible to have a second body - another you - a buddy, a guy to go to work for you when you just don't feel like it, to take risks you might not want to ... but the mysterious company that makes it all possible ... what is it really up to? Not to replace all us Ones with our Twos, but ... something worse. "Sounds interesting!"

Back Story 2

[a piece of back story for the novel: The Origin of Anne]

Eric Danegold, a bioscientist, and his wife Lisa, want children. However, he is sterile owing to an earlier lab accident, and she had been advised by a physician that it would be dangerous for her to conceive, owing to an inhe...

Chapter 1

[This is a scene from about halfway through The Second Body. Morgan already knows about the Evil Plot involving Twos, and he’s just broken with his GF Sally because she’s refused to help him expose the plot, just wants to go along with it and live a normal, if illusory, life....

Paul at the HR Office

[this chapter appears out of sequence here]

    Paul’s investigation having been stymied so far, he thought to take a chance on AYI’s HR office – ask them something that wouldn’t arouse suspicion – his pension plan, for instance, he decided,...

"One Two"

   As Paul-Two was ingesting that day, Paul said to it “A van is coming by in about an hour to take you to the community clinic. They need to test your functionality, your well-being, physical and mental. It’s for your good and the good of the other Two’s, so we k...

The Parenting Class

   There had been mandatory pre-Two-delivery sessions. The one Paul and Sally attended was led by a Dr. Yaekel.


    “There!” Dr. Yaekel said by way of introduction. “Now there. Is everybody here? ­­-- who should be here, I ...

Chapter 5
Al Williams is Two'd

   Project presentations were scheduled for 10 a.m. Paul and the other managers sat around the table, some confident or faking it, some nervous. No one spoke of anything but the weather. Those who apparently hadn’t met their project goals were wiggling slightly in their seats...

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