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About me

I aspired to be a writer as a young man, but the allure of financial freedom in the corporate world prevented me from chasing my dream... and then I hit 40. Finding that lost passion is the lifeblood that will carry me the rest of my days.

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Anton Styles (Tier II Newcomer Author )


Autobiographical Fiction
Where the Elephants Sleep
by Anton Styles

On the third day after the tragic loss of his family at age 5, Andy slipped into his dream of joining the circus to escape a world ruled by aggression and anger. Challenged by his own brand of torment for the atrocities self-inflicted, solace could only be found by discovering the circus of life.

Mourning's Nigh

Not before in five years of life did nighttime pass so slowly for Andy. The cracker-box trailer bedroom heightened claustrophobia in wake of the accident that claimed the lives of his family three days before. As the night lumbered into morning, he searched the...


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